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Attention marijuana/weed-friendly Russian friends, don’t bogart that joint just yet, your government is threatening to block the liberal social media site, Reddit from posting information on how to grow CANNABIS The site has been contacted by Russia’s internet watchdog, Roskomnadzor, and instructed to remove the specific thread.

The company says it will: “Respond to legitimate requests under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and we retain the right to remove user content on Reddit that we deem to be infringing the copyright of others” according to the Mirror. The Russian government appears to be serious about their intent to ban the website unless the marijuana growing advice is redacted. The Australian Business Insider reported:

[“We don’t know exactly which Reddit post has upset the Russian government, but there’s a good chance that it originated on Reddit’s r/trees community. It’s a place for marijuana fans to hang out and talk about their drug of choice. One of the subreddit’s moderators is rapper Snoop Dogg, who regularly posts on the site.”]

The Russian media controller does not seem to be just blowing smoke here, they put out the following “Wanted Poster”.

Reddit Russia

The Russian government says they have repeatedly asked Reddit to pull their posts pertaining to how to grow weed but have not received any response from the company. If the government does block the site, Reddit would need to use some type of encrypted  or advanced privacy protection to navigate in the country. It is unclear how encompassing the block would be, or how “high up on the company’s agenda the issue is, but it appears that the matter can’t be simply blown off.

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