Socialism Lives Firmly in the Pages of the New York Times- The Trump Tax Coverage

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An hour after the New York Times released their unsubstantiated story on President Trump’s tax payments, Biden’s team launched a 30-second digital ad featuring workers who have mostly needed to keep doing their jobs in-person during the coronavirus pandemic: a firefighter, registered nurse, construction manager and teacher, USNEWS.COM reports.  

In other words, the Times clearly was working in concert with the Biden campaign to tarnish Trump’s name and bid for re-election. Since the Trump/Clinton election, and throughout the President’s term right up to the moment, the paper has abandoned all sense of journalism ethics and fundamental notions of fair play to support Biden’s election that is enveloped in a path of socialism if not communism.

The Time’s primary concerns are their unadulterated support for abortion, the admission of illegal immigrants into the country, strong gay rights, protection for militant rioters, anti-police measures, the Affordable Care Act, and their hate of Trump.

There is nothing wrong with having strong opinions (we do), but legitimate papers keep their opinions in the opinion pages not integrated into hit “news” articles. Socialism lives strongly in the pages of the most biased newspaper in the country.

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