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Still Young and Hot, Stacey Dash

I admit that I had never watched “Clueless,” but I have seen Stacey Dash a couple of times on the Fox cable channel. She is a lovely woman with a relatively sordid past– but not that unusual for someone raised by addict “parents” in the Bronx.

Her physical appearance purchased her flight from a dismal abyss to a modicum of film success. Still, it is even more apparent that she used her looks to gain footage and security, although she denies that “prostitution” played a role. Nothing remarkable stands out in this sometimes self-serving memoir– the typical hot girl falls for complete losers.

Dash perceives herself as one tough street fighter– The kids at her school knew her as “Crazy Stacey” who was ready “to scrap every single day.”– “If I feel for one second that someone is going to try to hurt me, I’m going to let you know real quick that’s not how it’s gonna go down. I’m going to finish it before they even know it’s begun.”

She does adopt many of the Republican far-right themes– big government is bad—the poor, through generous welfare benefits and hand-outs, perpetuate a vicious dependency culture where the recipients’ bitch and don’t work. Family values, including a complete subscription to God, wholesome marriage, and family, are paramount, and individual liberty interests are secondary to keen police and military presence. Her shtick is a tough black girl from the Bronx, been through it all, and realizes that extreme conservatism is the answer to life.

I give Dash acknowledgment for sharing intimate details of her young life– she caught an STD from a married lover, got the “shit” beat out of her by a series of loser lovers who used her money, and minimally worked; she shared her suicidal idealizations. Bringing attention to such matters is a good thing.

She is rescued by an odd Southern lawyer with good intentions (hmm) and has since landed some gigs on Fox and wrote this book. But at the end of the day, Dash is trying mentally to displace the pimps and hustlers from the Bronx, and her loser exes and sperm donors, by surrendering herself to God.

I think she should stop chasing men for their looks and money and reassess her total subscription to the Mitt Romney types’ philosophy. She is still young and beautiful.

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