Students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Pass Resolution Calling Statute of Abe Lincoln a Racist Remnant of White Supremacy

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According to a report by Campus Reform, students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison recently passed a resolution that calls on administrators to remove a statue of Abraham Lincoln. The resolution argues that the statue is a “racist remnant” of ‘white supremacy,’” Breitbart reports.  

Well, what can you say– we are talking about intellectually-challenged and immature children. They have not grown up yet– it can be fun saying ludicrous things when in college. Kind of like the class clown farting and picking his/her nose to get attention.

When I protested against the Viet Nam conflict, I was really looking to have a good time and to meet hippies who were inclined to smoke weed and chill out. Our groups were not attacking America’s core values; We knew that America was better than socialism and communism. We thought the conflict was not winnable, and too many people were dying.

Unlike today’s coddled (from birth) students, we believed in America.

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