Syria’s torture prisons: “The women’s cell had no toilet. Blood from violent rapes stained the floor.”



Syria’s President, Bashar al-Assad is coming “close to a victory “over an eight-year revolt, a secret, industrial-scale system of arbitrary arrests and torture prisons has been pivotal to his success,” the New York Times reports.

Thousands of prisoners have been killed and tortured at the hands of al-Assad and his thugs throughout Syria. The Times graphically describes a typical cell housing peaceful protestors.

“The women’s cell had no toilet. Blood from violent rapes stained the floor. One cellmate miscarried. Many cells lack toilets, former prisoners said. Prisoners get seconds per day in latrines, they said; with rampant diarrhea and urinary infections, they relieve themselves in crowded cells. Most meals are a few bites of rotten, dirty food. Some prisoners die from sheer psychological collapse. Most medicine is withheld, injuries left untreated.”

“He directed his security forces to put hundreds of thousands under starvation siege in the Damascus suburbs, blocked the population from medical supplies and repeatedly used chemical weapons. Indiscriminate bombing of civilian targets terrorized 12 million of the 23 million people of Syria into fleeing their homes, five million of them seeking refuge abroad

Assad labeled his political opponent’s terrorists even as he linked up with terror groups such as the Lebanese Hezbollah, Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps, and the Kurdistan Workers Party and ceded big swaths of territory to ISIS with hardly a fight. He turned over bases to Russia and Iran and allowing Iran to establish a land corridor to the Mediterranean.


President Trump should take every action he can to remove Bashar al-Assad from office. A review of the atrocities he’s committed compels the United States to intervene economically and militarily– now!

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