Ted Cruz fit in with well with his former boss, Chief Justice Rehnquist– they both shared penchants for legally approving the killing of those condemned under various state codes across the nation. Rehnquist, it seems, always held to the recondite belief that once adjudicated guilty, the blade must fall, Cruz learned to cherish this pro-death penalty paradigm. In a new piece in the New York Times, we learned that he labored hard to ingratiate himself into the anti-Bill of Rights mind of his boss.

Where most clerks, when writing memoranda to support the enforcement of the death penalty, wrote sparingly of the sometimes gritty details of the qualifying crime below, Cruz painstakingly included them. He wrote with unprecedented eager to impress. He continues to use his penchant for  capital punishment on the campaign trial today as he did when running for the Senate in Texas.

One troubling aspect of propents of the death penalty is that they seem to be in a rush to see the blade fall; it can take years in many instances for mitigating evidence to emerge; DNA and other scientific evidence, after many trial and errors, can ascend to the status of general acceptance in courtrooms; defendants facing execution walk out of prison.

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