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The recent terrorist attacks in Brussels has once again directed attention to the Presidential candidates and their respective positions on confronting terrorism. Of particular note, Ted Cruz has brazenly said there is a present need to “patrol and secure” Muslim neighborhoods in the country, and he has double-downed on his belief that the U.S. must “carpet bomb” countries such as Syria. Meanwhile, on the Democrat side, Hillary Clinton has attempted to capitalize on her experience– her thinking seems to indicate that since there is no immediate practical solution to the terrorism problem, voters will prefer someone with experience at the end of the day. She says that fighting terrorism is a complicated business and suggests that the Republicans are swimming in waters that are “over their heads.” Practically speaking, Clinton has not distinguished her positions from Obama to any significant degree. Both Cruz and Clinton have been hesitant to call for troops on the ground because they feel such a position will hurt them politically– even though top military personnel have said “troops on the ground” are a prerequisite for winning the fight against ISIS and other groups. Donald Trump is the only candidate who has called for increased bombing raids and troop presence on the battlefield.

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