The American Left are Not Being Subverted Towards Marxism or Communism

Most Americans are Avid Supporters of the Country's Core Values

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Former Soviet KGB propagandist Yuri Bezmenov, aka Tomas Schuman, has said that “America was slowly being subverted towards Marxism.” He predicted that it would eventually lead to a revolution in the USA that would put an end to the free world, according to

Bezmenov has opined that the “leftists” are operating similar to “political events leading up to the October Revolution in Russia in 1917. The tearing down of statues and the march on Washington now resemble the revolutionary Bolshevik uprising that brought down the government in 1917 and later, in February 1918, deposed Czar Nicolas II.” 

He says “ideological subversion” is the silent destroyer of American’s subscription to traditional moral values. This process imagined and greeted with enthusiasm by Russian leadership incorporates a steady erosion of distinctions “based on race, gender, culture, and religion, using the weapon of open borders and mass immigration.” The result is the creation of a culture without identity that is vulnerable to Marxist ideology.


If Marxists are counting on subverting the left towards fascism in the U.S. by getting them interested in sex, drugs, rock and roll bands and opposing traditional religious doctrine and other “anti-establishment.” sentiments, they should know that ship has sailed—during the 1960’s.

It is noteworthy to remember that the Bolshevik revolution and the deposing of Czar Nicholas II occurred during the reign of a tyrant (at least the Bolshevik’s believed this).

However, most Americans are avid supporters of the country’s traditional core values and our capitalistic system. There is plenty of disagreement over specific issues on immigration and other social justice issues by conservatives and liberals. There will be many more protests and movements to defeat President Trump and other conservatives—but such actions are implicit in American history and are not to be confused with American weakness or susceptibility to Marxism or Communist dogma. The country will remain united on our core values.

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