The Corona relief bills absurd add-ons invite a veto by the President

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The Corona relief bill consists of  5,593 pages; it contains absurd provisions with no connection to the pandemic; the pork measures tacked on the bill include spending dear to Democrats and not relevant to Americans in present need.

It is not difficult to grasp the President’s reluctance to sign the bill and possibly veto it; he will lose some political sway among his supporters if he doesn’t sign the measure; however, he committed in the past to never sign a bill that included such payments for extraneous matters that do not focus on Covid relief.

Since the bill before the President obviously presents the very pork measures that the President said he would never sign, he now faces the challenging task of owning up to his previous admonitions or going with the flow—one last time.

The Democrats, for political purposes—not for earnest concerns about the plight of Americans in need—are criticizing the President for not helping those in want. The Democrat’s position is disingenuous because they insisted on the add-ons that have nothing to do with relief for Americans suffering from government imposed lockdowns and related prohibitions.  

We support a veto of the bill. The President should honor his past words and insist on the resolution that the bill focuses wholly on the relief Americans require now. Politics should be set aside.

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