Former Arkansas Gov. Huckabee appeared on FOX news and denounced the so-called “establishment” for their viscous interference in the Republican primary on Friday. He had good reasons for this.

The latest seemingly slimy work ( at least in adoptive theoretical practice) of this billionaire donor- backed group appears to have transferred (like fleas from dog-to-dog) over to the Louisiana primary. Even though Cruz lost the primary vote to Trump (both candidates received 18 delegates because they were only 4 percentage points apart), Cruz stands to gain 10 additional delegates because 5 delegates who had pledged to the failed candidacy of Rubio, and 5 more delegates who are considered unbound, are now free to vote for Cruz.

Moreover, Louisiana is the first state to name delegates to three convention committees– Credential, Rules and Platform committees, and Cruz people won five out of six of those positions. In essence, these folks will get to help write the rules at the convention. Most Americans believe that the candidate who gets the most votes wins the elections in primaries and that there is a strong appearance of bad faith when this does not occur. Adding to this perception is the slick maneuvering in the backwaters of the delegate selection process by Cruz operatives who are bent (against the will of the majority of voters) to impact the eventual endorsement of someone other than Trump. As much as people (like Cruz and his wife) like to question Donald Trump’s veracity, it is clearly misplaced: Ted Cruz, et al, is the true sleaze-bag in the race, and he has the blood-thirsty background as an indecent prosecutor and law clerk to prove it. We think the Cruz’s are the pots calling the kettles black when they are talking about Trump.

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