The Kennedy sleaze meter advanced further this week when we learned (from a couple of new books, Rosemary: The Hidden Kennedy Daughter, and The Missing Kennedy: Rosemary Kennedy and the Secret Bonds of Four Women), that Joseph Kennedy had his daughter, Rosemary, lobotomized to prevent her from having any sexual exploits; he was merely protecting Jack Kennedy’s political career when he made the inhumane decision. She underwent the experimental surgery (experts advised against it) in 1941 when she was 23 years old. After the procedure had been botched, Rosemary was shipped off to a Catholic hospital in Wisconsin where she remained for more than 50 years until her death on January 7, 2005. Rose Kennedy claims to have been kept in the dark about the lobotomy for over 20 years—an assertion that is beyond belief (she didn’t even bother to visit Rosemary for 20 years).  She had told others that Rosemary’s  “mind is gone completely because of an accident”. According to the Daily Mail, she also once “wondered aloud why God took her three able-bodied, brilliant and talented sons—Joseph Jr., President John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy—and left my daughter who is incapacitated”. The evil genes of the patriarch and matriarch were seemingly passed on to some of the remaining siblings.  Both Bobby and Jack seemed to exhibit little empathy for the feelings of their wives and victims of their alleged sexual exploits (The old man didn’t hold his sons to the same standard he enforced with Rosemary). The brother’s alleged sexual assignations with Marilyn Monroe and her devastating suicide have been the fodder of numerous writings. It would appear that their crude conquests would only be bested many years later by William Jefferson Clinton, a great admirer of the Kennedys. On the topic of mental illness, Joe Kennedy, Jr. once wrote “ a chilling letter to his father, [wherein] he praised Hitler’s sterilization policy as “a great thing” that “will do away with many of the disgusting specimens of men.”, says the New York Times in a recent book review. Then there is Ted Kennedy’s escapade at Chappaquiddick, where in the summer of 1969, he drunkenly drove Mary Jo Kopechne to a drowning death, an event he always denied. At the end of the day, most of the Kennedys were a shameless bunch. But now we know why—they inherited their parent’s genes. It is hard to imagine a colder, crueler, more premeditated act of selfishness perpetrated on a daughter by her parents.

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