The far-left uses racially perceived inequalities although often facially and constructively false, to shame Americans

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The left’s continual insistence on using the race card to achieve their agendas on social programming and science endeavors is sickening; they find racially perceived inequalities, although often facially and constructively false, in virtually every aspect of American life. Their radical and dangerous agendas are encouraged by strained ideologies and premised on falsehoods buoyed by social media and Big Tech.

If one does not subscribe to the left’s agenda, they are publically shamed. Consider the following message delivered by Theodore Dalrymple:

“I do not say that it is the only such age. But it has never been, at least in my lifetime, as important as it is now to hold the right opinions and to express none of the wrong ones, if one wants to avoid vilification and to remain socially frequentable. Worse still, and even more totalitarian, is the demand for public assent to patently false or exaggerated propositions; refusal to kowtow in such circumstances becomes almost as bad a sin as uttering a forbidden view. One must join in the universal cant—or else. The Age of Cant (

Dalrymple’s opinion piece can be easily construed to apply to the left’s mechanism for enforcing their corrupted message; they use repetition, shame, violence, ex-communication, and similarly, damnation to achieve their goals. Dalrymple notes:

‘Consider the cases of Germaine Greer and J. K. Rowling, now the objects of obloquy and ex-communication for having dared to utter a truth so obvious that it would not long ago have been derided as a cliché—namely, that sex-change men are not women simpliciter.”

Leftists took to their anti-Trump friends to attack the two on Twitter and elsewhere. Dalrymple states:

“For those neither famous nor in a position to ignore their own economic interests, and who do not wish to be martyrs to an outcry by the canting Twitterers, fear of repercussion has now entered into anything that they say about an increasing number of subjects. Even conversations in private are constrained due to fear of denunciation to the relevant authorities. As the Soviets and the Nazis found, private denunciation was one of the pleasures of totalitarianism.” (emphasis added).

A large swath of American voters who either approve of the left’s dystopian methods, or ignorant thereof, or were voting against Trump, led to an apparent Biden victory. But let’s be clear, apart from Big Tech’s suppression techniques and voter fraud allegations, the left’s Scarlet Letter techniques are working for them.

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