The Fraudulent Vote Probe Keeps Biden’s Immoral Campaign Tactics in the Public Eye

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Although the media and the Vice President himself have declared Joe Biden the next occupant of the White House, that prediction is shrouded by the pending fraud charges lurking in the mix. Regardless of the outcome, President Trump is right for pursuing these actions; given the broad and supported suspicion of criminal and fraudulent activity on the part of Democrats held by Trump’s 70-plus million supporters, he would be remiss if he remained idle.

As Margot Cleveland reports:

“Notwithstanding these legal challenges and rights to recounts, calls are being made for Trump to concede. Americans are understandably weary of relitigating the election, especially after Democrats subjected the country to four years of resistance to his win in 2016.

But just as Trump exposed “Fake News” and “the Swamp” and began to peel back the shroud of the D.C.-establishment, such as the Biden and Kerry families enriching themselves by selling access, if these prove to be the waning of the Trump administration, the president’s last hurrah should be to spotlight the crumbling legitimacy of our voting system.

Of course, the usual suspects will chastise Trump if he continues to question the election outcome. And some of Trump’s more vocal supporters may well join in the calls for him to accept defeat, casting his comments challenging the election as unpatriotic or dangerous.

However, it is not unpatriotic or dangerous to question an election’s integrity; it is unpatriotic and dangerous not to protect the integrity of elections because your team won. Well, that, and faking a Russia conspiracy theory to oust a duly elected president, and then when those efforts failed, impeaching him on trumped-up “whistleblower” charges.”

We agree. The media’s point is that there is always fraud in elections, so why bother taking the time to dig up a handful of improper votes. They miss the point. Trump’s efforts to uncover fraudulent votes are not just about fraud in the election process. The case Trump makes is about Biden’s shameless campaign tactics buoyed by the corrupt media and Big Tech. Biden corruptly used the Coronavirus to scare seniors into voting by mail, a process known for fraud. It is a question of corrupt intent; voters need to be reminded of these tactics. The extension of the fraudulent vote investigation keeps these wrongdoings in the public eye.

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