The Left’s False Racial Injustice Claims Are Lifted from the Failed Hilliary Clinton Playbook

Prominent journalist Lara Logan, after careful research, concluded that the far left was exercising a “completely and utterly dishonest” narrative on racial justice and policing driven by the left and stressed that they are recycling “tactics of information warfare” that were used during the 2016 election. 

“What concerns me about the conversation that we’re having now is it’s not based in reality. People don’t want you to talk about the substance,” Logan, host of Fox Nation’s Lara Logan Has No Agenda, told Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow.

The article stated that “Logan emphasized the staggering weakness of politicians, who are “falling over themselves” to make sure they are not dragged through the mud on social media over this narrative, which she described as ‘not based in truth’ and ‘completely and utterly dishonest.’

Logan’s findings are rooted in truth. Falsehoods also occurred in the failed Clinton campaign. The left is almost entirely focused on racial tactics designed to portray President Trump as a racist. 

The Biden campaign is more than doubling-down on the racist narrative. Indeed, the left’s focus is near one hundred percent racist driven. Of course, the far left is lying. 

Shamefully, many politicians, citizens, and corporate spokespeople are cringing out of fear that they may utter a true politically incorrect sentence. They do so even though this nation is founded on principles of open, honest, and vigorous debate. 

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