Liberal Democrats and the so-called “Establishment” within the Republican party are mostly abandoning their goal to defeat Donald Trump outright in his bid for the Republican nomination. Instead, they are hoping to stop his momentum towards reaching 1,237 delegates. This is a shift in strategy from a few months ago.

What is amazing about the liberal backing of this scenario is the fact that Super PAC’s, and other notorious neoconservative groups, who often exude (at least secretly) policies of racism– and always smack of greed and pro-corporate policy to the severe disadvantage of the poor and mainstream Americans, are leading the fight– much to the tacit support of the liberal media. The New York Times seems to report about the growing attacks against Trump with glee. It is a sort of backward strategy for the paper (Strong Hillary Clinton backers) in the sense that a Trump defeat at the nomination level is certain to bring fewer fringe Republicans and conservative Democrat votes in the general elections. A smooth move by the New York Times. What is disturbing, however, is that the Times doesn’t at the same time report on just how nasty the people who fund these PAC’s are (they should read “Dark Money” by Jane Mayer). They represent some of the most mean-spirited “Americans” ever to set foot in the country. They are driven by greed and the clear bottom line– they could care less about the general population. The media should earnestly weigh this prejudicial impact against any probative value an early Trump defeat would have on the lives of Americans. The bombastic and misleading Super Pac attacks are evil, and the media should know this. 

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