The New York Times called the New York Daily News out for what they are, a “lower Manhattan tabloid.” Some would consider such a characterization as generous. The shock-jock tabloid’s latest vengeance has been directed at a few females who have been displaying their painted breasts in Time Square and panhandling for money. The tabloid’s polemic attack on the women is odd given their predisposition to thrive on the bizarre (“Man who divorces three times and marries again still has the same in-laws”). Although this is a false headline, you get the drift. You would think the existence of painted boobs would be a tame encounter for these folks. Not so. They have headlined their disapproval of these pretty women walking through the square and called for their abolition. And, as the NYT notes:

“Predictably, distressingly, our leaders took the bait. On Thursday, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced the formation of a multiagency force “to curb topless individuals” and their costumed counterparts in Times Square.”

Even a state Rep. has got into the clown act. According to the tabloid, “Sen. Ruben Diaz came up with a radical solution, saying he would introduce legislation that would make it illegal to go topless in public other than at a beach or a pool, or when a woman is breastfeeding.”

Wow! Of all the problems confronting New Yorkers, the local politicians are hell-bent on spending unlimited money (see the NYT piece for a list of the government bureaucrats needed to combat this issue) to stop these women from painting their boobs and getting a little money from tourists. Never mind the fact that the practice is protected under the first amendment and legal in New York City. Maybe the tabloid should focus on a law that would ban the “man tits” of some of their editors (try getting that visual out of your mind). The point is, the women look good and they are not hurting anyone- if they should become disruptive, there are separate laws in place to handle that. The tabloid should stop being player haters and hypocrites

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