The New York Times cheerleads from the sidelines for China

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The New York Times is enthralled when they write favorably about people or countries with histories of practicing evil and suppressive policies when suddenly they act on arguably positive short-term and isolated missives.

Sometimes they hold judgment about monstrous regimes and pay only lip service to the underlying emergence of darkness, such as their early coverage of Hitler’s march towards the slaughter of millions of Jews.

So it is with their recent positive spin on China’s purported efficiency at getting back to normal in the face of the COVID virus. Again, apart from the source of their information, likely China propaganda, the paper is cheerleading for one of the most corrupt and evil countries on the face of the planet.

“The New York Times has a long, sordid history of being in bed with brutal authoritarian regimes. From Walter Duranty praising the goodness of the Soviet Union to the Times’ gentle treatment of Adolf Hitler, the paper of record is always on board with tyranny. The current generation of gatekeepers at the Gray Lady is no exception. In a shocking and sickening article this week, author Li Yuan celebrates Chinese “freedom.”

The article beams about how China has gotten its society back to normal after unleashing a deadly plague on the planet and lying about it. They eat in restaurants, they go to the movies, and they are free from fear. They have the freedom to move around, the Times proclaims, assuring us this is the ‘most basic form of freedom.’ Really? Do the 1 million Uighurs currently in concentration camps have ‘freedom of movement’? They must have been unavailable for comment, as they aren’t mentioned once in this advertisement for the Chinese Communist Party.”, the federalist reports.

It is no surprise that business entities will feebly write positive articles about money matters — it is their mission to do so, even though China is manipulating them.

President Trump had China on the run by using tariffs and his ability to exercise military reprisal. Under Biden, China will seek friendlier terms– especially given Biden’s friendliness with the country– and his flawed declaration that China is not our enemy. Business concerns and publishers will follow the money.

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