An interesting, but a predictable phenomenon, has occurred in New York, and more particularly, NYC and surrounding areas– Donald Trump is campaigning in extreme favorable and adverse environs, both at the same time. Fortunately, for Trump, he is only concerned with Republican voters. Otherwise, the antagonistic mood of minorities and liberals in NYC, and similar progressive hotbed locales throughout the state, would vote him down in considerable numbers. Usually, an election process between conservatives and liberals would play out in the general election, but this contest is different. For openers, few candidates have garnered the attention of their opponent’s core of supporters more than Trump. His often bombastic rhetoric has stirred emotions across the political divide, but this division is not new– Obama did the same thing: Only, he was more subtle with his language, often using Martin Luther “Kingisms” such as “hope”, “change” and “yes, we can.” I say subtle, but there was calculation; as a black candidate, Obama did not have to use volatile language. African Americans got the message immediately, and many White voters soon favored the metaphoric approach of mixing and glorifying poverty, prejudice and White oppression with Obama’s message of change and hope– much like the suburban White teenagers who gave currency to the glorification of poverty by buying rap songs sang and written by black artists who wrote about unfortunate issues in urban settings. You cannot blame Obama or rap artists for using their approaches, at the end of the day, the message was and is a successful (and informative) strategy.

The New York Times, however, uses a disingenuous approach when they peddle their agendas– the paper seems to intentionally use their powers to create combative derisiveness between Trump haters and his supporters and then write pieces and editorials condemning the protests and riots they worked hard to create. Most recently, they inform their mostly liberal readership that, “Donald Trump is scheduled to speak at a Republican Party fund-raiser on Thursday in Patchogue, a village on the south shore of Long Island, about 60 miles from Manhattan.” Denouncing the locale as a scene of racism and bigotry (“There is no place that should welcome Mr. Trump’s politics, but the choice of Patchogue is particularly repellent. Patchogue is where Marcelo Lucero, an Ecuadorean immigrant, was fatally stabbed in 2008 by a white teenager, one of a marauding gang of high school boys who had made a nighttime sport of assaulting Latino men.”), they then invite protesters and rioters to go to Long Island to “join” those who have already scheduled events there. We are sure that they will then “report” about all the hostilities that occurred there the next day and openly blame Trump.

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