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A McKinney, Texas police officer resigned today. It was good to hear that this out-of-control cop (Eric Casebolt) quit his job, now he should be prosecuted for the 5th degree assault he committed against the young girl he threw to the ground and then drove his knee into her back.  Next, he should be charged with two counts of second degree assault for needlessly aiming his gun at two youths. Once charged, and if convicted, we will see if he receives the presumptive prison sentence other civilians would most likely receive. Police behavior, afar and abreast in this country, has been running amuk. Hardly a week goes by before we learn of another incident of police misconduct, from murder and assault, to plain ordinary mean behavior. It has been said that police officers should be firemen, and firemen police officers; there has to be something fundamentally wrong with the intake procedures for selecting new officers- they are more aggressive and seemingly indifferent to the civil rights of many types of citizens. It is no longer just a question of race, we see police officers abusing citizens of all types of race and gender, way too frequently. This behavior is rapidly causing our young people to disrespect police officers, and in some cases, hate them. The police have been given the benefit of the doubt for too long by members of the public and the courts; yes, they often encounter rowdy and dangerous people, but most often, such confrontations do not merit the excessive response we have been witnessing. Police leaders have routinely had the backs of their officers and detectives, often arguing that the force (sometimes lethal) was necessary to combat dangerous individuals. Indeed, such actions have enjoyed wide approval from a frightened general public, especially where the “beatdowns” happened on the “other side of the tracks”. Without video depictions, it is likely that many of these scenarios would still have the unfettered support of the public. It is time to seriously change the way police officers are trained. It is time to demand that our police forces adhere to laws that presently protect the civil rights of our citizens, and where necessary, enact new laws. Our police departments, and the citizens they are required to protect, will all benefit from such a focus. It goes without saying that we have many fine police officers, we are just saying that there is an urgent need to root out the bad apples.

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