The Public Has a Right to Know How Bad Joe Biden’s Dementia Might Be

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In a poll regarding Joe Biden’s mental capacity, nearly 4 in 10 likely voters thought Biden was experiencing some cognitive impairment, some 20 percent of Democratic likely voters and 30 percent of unaffiliated likely voters agreed with that assessment. Also, 61 percent of those polled think Biden needs to address the dementia issue publicly.

Biden’s declining brain capacity is a huge deal. Americans have a right to know if he is fit to be President. This is especially urgent given the fact that if elected he would soon be forced to relinquish the Presidency to his running mate Kamala Harris —an ardent and reckless far-left politician.

Too many Americans are being fooled by the committee’s (Biden is not making decisions now) persistent efforts to present Biden as a normal Democratic candidate. They want the public to believe Biden is a rational man who will unite the country. Nothing could be farther from the truth since Kamala Harris would likely be President shortly into his term.

It is critical to this country’s welfare that Biden release his cognitive testing results (he says he has been tested multiple times).

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