We learn that Clinton’s choice for Vice President, Tim Kaine, is a man who occasionally suffers from “inner conflict” where imposition of the death penalty is at issue. As Gov. of Virginia, he inwardly opposed capital punishment because “my faith teaches life is sacred” he says. The New York Times boasts that Kaine is “a man of conviction” and in death penalty [executions] cases, he thinks murder is wrong. Indeed, the Times reports that he is a man “with a deeply felt revulsion for capital punishment.”

There is a problem with the Time’s compassionate characterization of Kaine though: Many people have been put to death under his watch as Gov. of Virginia. One man, Kevin Green (31) pleaded with the supposed soft-hearted Kaine to spare his life. Mr. Green, convicted of murder and sentenced to death, was reported to have an IQ below 70, but the lower court ruled that he was not mentally retarded because he had “conceptual, social and practical skills” and past employment. Kaine apparently agreed and let him die.

Kaine allowed the first of 11 executions to pass through his office without stopping them within the first 3 months of being on the job. All of the condemned were men, and 6 were black. Indeed, Kaine only commuted one death sentence. Kaine once said he has a “moral position against the death penalty” and that he hoped he could “give a good accounting of myself on Judgment day.”

Holy crap, we shudder to wonder what the Gov. would do to someone if he didn’t have “a moral position” against killing them– perhaps, have them hanged, drawn and quartered. Kaine is all about politics and always has been. The man implemented his official affirmation of the executions solely because he wanted to climb further up the political ladder and has now attracted the attention of a like-minded boss. He is not a person with empathy and he does not hold to his confessed convictions. He fits nicely with Hillary.  

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