Not the toilet used for training purposes.

Toilet training is not as easy as one might imagine. Kids are ready at different ages, and some parents wonder if there are any hints that could be provided; some experts say that the parent should observe the child to see if he/she is suddenly stopping an activity for a few seconds, or clutching their diaper. Most children start to show these signs between the ages of 18-14 months. Another sign indicating that toilet training is needed is when adult police officers leave their weapons in the lavatory. U. S. Capitol Police Chief, Kim C. Dine, told a Congressional committee that, “We are now providing additional training on what to do when you have to go to the bathroom”. It was not immediately clear what previous training had been provided, but it does not seem to have been enough, since U.S. Capitol Police accidentally left their guns in the building’s toilets three times in 2015. The “toilet training” precaution will be on the curriculum almost right away. The testimony from the Chief, Kim Dine, before the House Administration Committee brought on some musing from members including a comment about “controlling your weapon”, but the mood at the hearing turned somber when some members questioned why the Capitol Police Chief has been so slow in turning information over to the committee. One member remarked that they had to learn about such incidents in the press. Dine, who has been the Chief for 2 ½ years, apparently promised to unclog the communication pipeline between the committee and the police department.

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