Stripping off: Miss Hawkins is among four tourists arrested for posing naked (above) on a Malaysian mountain which locals claim angered tribal spirits and caused a deadly earthquake that killed 18 people

Five Western tourists have been jailed in Malaysia for posing nude at the top of Mount Kinabalu, a site considered sacred by locals. The area was hit by an earthquake which left 18 people dead; a senior minister said the tourists have angered the spirits of the mountain which in turn, caused the earthquake. The five that have been arrested are from Canada, Great Britain and the Netherlands. One of the British tourists, Eleanor Hawkins (24), graduated from the elite University of Southhampton, with a masters’ degree in aerospace engineering. Danielle Petersen (22), and her brother Lindsey (23) are from Wood Mountain, Saskatchewan where they attend college at the University of Regina. Dylan Snel (23) is a Dutch tourist. The last detainee is Emil Kaminski (33), the leader of the group. The first four are looking at possible “public obscenity” charges and Kaminski may face an additional public nudity charge. The exact penalty for the charges have not been disclosed, although reports have ranged from a fine to 90 days in jail. The four have been remanded to jail for a few days pending further investigation.

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