Hillary Clinton, just like Donald Trump, screwed up by choosing the running mates they did. Clinton needed to pick someone who would appeal to the populist ideas advanced by Trump, and simultaneously persuade Bernie Sanders voters; Tim Kaine does not fill this bill– not even remotely. The thing that benefits Clinton, however, is Trump’s choice as a running mate. Tim Kaine neither appeals to the populist voters and lacks the charismatic persona to charm mainstream Independent voters that have not yet opted for Trump. By design or ignorance, the candidates have picked running mates that cancel each other out. The candidates are on their own.

Kaine has been an avid supporter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership and backed deregulation of the banking industry. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren followers are not impressed: You can expect to witness their anger at the Democratic Convention. Kaine has backed a host of ideas and policies that are contrary to the views of many Trump supporters. Kaine will not cause Trump voters to leave the Trump wagon but neither will he attract any outliers into the camp.

Kaine does speak fluent Spanish, and it is no coincidence that Clinton Will introduce him as her running mate at Florida International University in Miami, which has a large number of Hispanic students. Florida is a critical state for both candidates. Meanwhile, Trump has taken the weekend off following his largely successful Republican Convention.

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