The author has a history with his subject having penned a piece for “The New Yorker” in the late 1990’s profiling Donald Trump. From what I read (I haven’t read the magazine article), this book mostly parrots that story. I paid Amazon $11.54 for the book on June 24th; it is selling there for $9.69 today (I keep forgetting that patience is a virtue). I have read a series of political books over the past two years and followed the election very closely. It is evident that the author, Mark Singer, has an ax to grind against Trump and has patched together this book to highlight his main grudges against the man. The primary problems is, much of what he has to say is a compilation of material that has regularly appeared in the pages of liberal publications such as the New Yorker, New York Times, The Atlantic, etc., sometimes disguised as articles but mainly in editorials or opinion pieces: Trump is not worth billions: He is a cheater, liar; poor husband and father, narcissist, egomaniac, not very book smart, dodged the military yet claims to be a genius on military strategy (After Trump went to school at the New York Military Academy, he would proclaim “I always thought I was in the military”), woman hater (“every vagina is like a potential land mine”), racist, Muslim and Mexican hater, etc. (The themes are the same, not Singer’s words). Having said that, Singer’s ride-a-longs with Trump during some business adventures and at social events, does give him a distinct advantage: He is able to tie these anecdotal events together to bolster the validity of many of the criticisms about Trump’s character (After several pensioners dropped their week’s grocery money into one of Trump’s slot machines (well, maybe he doesn’t really own the casino—who knows), Trump tells Singer, “This is what we do. What can I tell you?” Though the book is short and is possibly repetitive of Singer’s earlier work, it is well written and funny at times. I recommend it.

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