Trump campaigned on draining the swamp, not on grace and charm

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As great as this nation is, those that attack the core values that made the country great deserve dominant blame for the country’s division. Trump was elected as an outsider and that he has been. His messages can sound uncouth and boorish but he didn’t campaign on the basis of his elegance and grace; his over-all message was to drain the swamp and to protect the forgotten.

His actions on the major issues of the economy, military strength, refusal to submit to international demands, including the forgotten silent majority in his actions, have been admirable; his messaging style was provocative, but he never had a prospect with the left anyway. He could do nothing right in their eyes, so why bother.

It is the left’s hatred for Trump, from day one, and their vicious attacks for over four years, eventually leading to riots and mayhem across the nation, that stoked the fiery division between Trump supporters and the left; a fact that in the aftermath of the attack on the Capitol, has been conveniently forgotten or depreciated.

Trump indeed spent too much time reacting to the “rigged” election. His team’s failure to convince courts from ruling his way has not helped. He should have made his point and left graciously; his supporters would not have abandoned him.

Those that are now echoing harsh criticism against the President are using the D.C. gathering as a means to drive their final stake into his heart. Even Republicans are jumping ship. Most of his base remains loyal.

One writer for the Federalist is among those who seem to have joined the fray of the dissenters. Heather Mac Donald writes, “[The] most enthusiastic Trump supporters had deep and justified grievances that made them excuse so flawed a standard-bearer. The only upside one can hope for from these last two months is that Trump will have lost his hold over the future of conservatism. Perhaps someone will emerge who can articulate the ideals of tradition and excellence with the grace that they deserve.”

Flawed standard-bearer? Who would she have carrying the torch? Perhaps some baby-kissing charlatan who capitulates to the highest bidding lobbyist? Someone like Obama or Biden specialized in being liked as they drove the military into limbo and ignored the forgotten masses? She does not pretend to have an answer.

The nation’s ideals of tradition and excellence should be articulated—and we think often. But that is precisely what Trump always acted on. She now implies the D.C event favors Trump’s marred departure claiming that he never had the “grace” to get the job done anyway; he didn’t campaign on grace—that is the business of the swamp.

We understand that Trump had many flaws, especially with his rough style. But he did fulfill his promises made during his first campaign: He managed to accomplish this amidst the most visceral attacks in American political history. He deserves some credit.

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