Trump cannot be blamed for the wrongdoing by some of the otherwise peaceful protestors in Washington D.C.

We do not condone the violent and unlawful rioters actions at the Capitol yesterday; the Capitol is a sacred place. But liberal critics, including some Republicans, are now saying that Trump incited the violence, Such statements are sophmoric knee-jerk and unexamined utterances.

“The Federalist Senior Editors Mollie Hemingway and Christopher Bedford, who were on the ground in Washington D.C. on Wednesday during the Capitol breach, told Fox News’s Laura Ingraham on Wednesday that, while the destruction of the Capitol was sad and wrong, it also showcased the hypocrisy of the left and in the corporate media; in ‘the last year, political violence has been completely condoned. This has been allowed’, Bedford said.

Seattle riot

‘Groups that attacked police officers and [perpetrated] riots and burned buildings have their own park named after them right in front of the White House. There was a chorus from media critics and politicians saying that this is justified, that it is in the service of good,’ he continued.

Both Hemingway and Bedford also noted that while President Donald Trump’s rallies were ‘massive,’ many people were there to protest, not prepared to riot.

‘What happened today really stole from the hundreds of thousands of people who were marching peacefully and wanted their voices heard about election integrity,’” Hemingway said, the Federalist reported.

Minneapolis before the radical left’s riots this summer

The major point is that there is hypocrisy; Democrats did condone violence across the country. From Minneapolis to Seattle, the nation watched as radicals torched pubic buildings, removed or defaced statutes, destroyed small businesses’, many owned by minorities, harassed and assaulted innocent people, and much more.

Big Tech and the Democrats did nothing to stop the violence; they condoned the acts as legitimate protest, all in the so-called interest of “social justice.”

After the conservative gathering in Washington this week, these same people express alarm and dismay; many are disngeinusly accusing President Trump of causing the violence and calling for his removal from office. Trump did not cause this.

The gathering contained mostly peaceful protestors. There is evidence that outside adjustors created most of the trouble. Wrongdoers should be punished, but blaming Trump is wrong.

Democratic California Rep. Maxine Waters’s reacted on Twitter, saying, “What would have happened if Black Lives Matter resorted to the kind of violence the proud boys, the kkk, the oath keepers, the white suprematists carried out today on our Capitol?” [sic] The answer is nothing–we saw that across the nation this summer.

Sen Gillibrand (D-NY) said on Fox News with liberal host Neil Cavuto that Black Like Matter people would have “been shot” if they did what Trump protestors did at the Whitehouse. She added that the BLM matter “protests” were peaceful. Of course, that is not true and she has zero evidence to support such an ignorant statement. But, a woman was shot and killed at the D.C. event.

Big Tech has responded to the left’s, and some cowardly conservatives, toxic messages by blocking President Trump’s social nedia accounts- more censorship.

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