Radical liberals, many associated with the Bernie Sanders movement, others with the militant group, Black Lives Matter, demonstrated their opposition to Donald Trump in NYC today. Hundreds marched through the city headed for Trump Towers. Sprinkled among the organized group, were everyday citizens, and a mixture of other fringe groups, some who were holding anti-Trump banners and signs that depicted ugly rhetoric directed solely at Donald Trump’s positions on immigration, Muslims, and perceived hate messages. The NYC Police prevented the protesters from marching on the street, arresting people where necessary. Cable companies such as Fox News and CNN continued to replay video of the protesters all day even though the numbers were comparatively small when contrasted to the political demonstrations made during the 60’s. The detailed and continued biased focus by CNN and Fox would seem inexplicable unless one considers the network’s dramatic anti-Trump agenda. The hosts and their guests (not all of them, of course) make no apologies for their opposition to Trump, nor their abandonment of ethical journalistic standards when they openly accuse him of associating with organizations like the KKK, even though they know Trump has renounced the group (Herman Cain and Ben Carson have repeatedly said Trump is not a racist). The NYC Police easily handled the crowds.

Meanwhile, protesters attempted to block roads leading to a Trump rally being held in Fountain Hills, Arizona. The protesters impeded travel for motorists, many who were not even planning to attend the Trump rally, for slightly more than an hour. Most members of this group were also marching to the orders of their organizers. Sheriff Joe Arpaio refused to be intimated by the protesters, some who tied cars together with chains. Only a few arrests were made and the rally went off as scheduled. Trump is expected to carry Arizona in the primary election next week. At the rally, attended by well over 10 thousand Trump supporters (FOX News attempted to depict a smaller crowd by not showing all the people there until Trump called them on it), Trump reiterated his promise to “build a wall”, rebuild a “bigger and stronger military”, abolish common core, strengthen the 2nd Amendment and increase the nation’s profits on foreign trade. The crowd cheered throughout his speech.

It seems clear that the protesters either support Clinton or Sanders, as do many of the reporters and hosts on CNN and other mainstream networks. The vocal presence of the radical demonstrators at Trump rallies, combined with their equally vocal supporting mouthpieces on the networks, give the false impression that Trump does not have the majority support of Americans. Nothing could be further from the truth– Trump is leading in popularity across the country and likely will be the next President of the United States. 

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