Trump still has ample support in the liberal state of Washington, others think radical anti-Trumpers infiltrated the protest In D.C.

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President Trump still enjoys massive support in the liberal state of Washington. Those people are frustrated with the fraud allegations during the 2020 election, although not condoning the violence in Washington D.C., still strongly support Trump. Sen. Phil Fortunato of Auburn, Washington, said unhesitatingly, that he would still vote for the President. Others question whether it was really strictly Trump supporters who broke into the Capitol; they cite the ease at which protestors were permitted to gain access to the inside suggesting that this was done on purpose by anti-Trump gate-keepers. “Just because you’re wearing a Trump hat doesn’t mean you are a Trump supporter, said Anita Azariah, an Everett software company accounts manager and vice-chair for the Snohomish County Republican Party, the Seattle Times reported.
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