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The New York Times finds it so difficult to accept the fact that Donald Trump is rapidly clearing a path for the Republican nomination for President. Even as they write sympathetically about Jeb Bush’s acknowledgment of defeat, they say the Republican Party is, “for the moment”, the party of Donald Trump. They figure that “moment” will dissappear once the list of candidates dwindles to Trump, Cruz and Rubio because the latter will “finally have a megaphone that begins to rival [Trumps].” Wow! It is so clear to so many Americans that the “civility”, “experience”, “pedigree” and “tolerance” the Times deems important in a Presidential candidate, doesn’t mean squat to a majority of Americans who have not been properly represented at the national level for decades. The Bush family did little to help middle and below middle working folk. Cruz is a right-wing, bible thumping, maniac obsessed with the death penalty and other measures that could only harm this class of people. Rubio is too inexperienced, and with his rehearsed speeches, comes off as a cute sophmore in college running for student senate. He has no idea about the anger and frustrations these people have. And Americans from all walks of life, are fed up with working to support other people, political correctness, and in general, getting the shaft. They want a leader, a man who has proven that he can win at the bargaining table. For too many years, Americans have witnessed “civilized” politicians get little done– more of the same old, same old. The hogwash that spews from the mouths of the “normal” elected official is no longer acceptable to men and women who, along with their parents and grandparents, have watched others get the attention of the government when they get little. And it is not that Trump supporters are racists, evil or mean, or that they even  subscribe to Trumps rants about Immigrants and so forth, rather, they are tired of working so hard and being passed over, decades after decades. It is now their turn to be appreciated and represented for their hard work. They believe Trump will deliver for them. So Trump will continue to get their support, and he is more the Republican for the times than the moment.

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