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Cruz and Rubio tag-teamed Trump at the last debate before “Super Tuesday”, largely focusing on Trump’s failure to provide specifics regarding his plans to replace Obama’s health plan, and how his tax cuts would be paid for. Trump was also asked pointed, and seemingly targeted questions by the supporting moderators. Rubio hammered Trump about his alleged use of illegal immigrants in one of his Florida construction projects, and his refusal to produce his recent tax returns. Sounding like a drunk haggard wife attacking her husband who just returned from a night out with the boys, Rubio swung away relentlessly, dancing on the stage like a boxer, trying to deliver jabs to the left and right jaw of Trump. But none of the punches landed. Cruz, who has been sparring with Rubio from the start of the campaign, mainly directed his barbs towards Trump as well, but they were off the mark. Trump’s business experience and outlier status undoubtedly earned him another victory tonight.

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