Update: Gordon found guilty and sentenced to death

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Steven Gordon

Two men have been arrested and charged with raping and killing four women in a murder spree covering October to March of this year; police believe there may be more victims. Franc Cano (27) and Steven Dean Gordon (45) were both charged Monday with murder counts with special circumstances carrying maximum penalties of either life without the possibility of parole or the death penalty. Police believe the men had been wearing GPS devices during some of the periods relevant to the homicides. They had recently traveled to Las Vegas via a bus using fake names and stayed at the Circus Circus Hotel and Casino there when they were arrested. Both have prior criminal records involving sex crimes. It wasn’t until the body of Jarre Nykkole Estepp (21) was found at a garbage recycling facility in Anaheim, California this past March when police started to make a connection between the missing bodies of Kianna Jackson (20); Josephine Vargas (34) and Martha Anaya (28). Police used the GPS and cell phone records to help piece the case together. The girls have been linked to prostitution.

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    UPDATE: Both men have been indicted for 4 counts of murder “with special circumstances” and are being held in jail pending further extensive court appearances. The charges carry a minimum of life in prison without possibility of parole and possible death sentences

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    UPDATE: Following the release of a grand jury transcript, it was learned that Gordon confessed to actively participating in the murder of 5 women. Although at first, he only implicated himself, after some prodding, he said Cano also participated in the murders. During a 13-hour interrogation, he stated that the women were selected at random and that Estepp was the last victim. Prior to the confession, police had linked Cano to the dumpster scene, and other areas where some of the victims were known to have been at by examining the GPS apparatus that he was wearing. DNA evidence, obtained from an abandoned cigarette and oral swab, also tied Cano to the crimes. The state has a strong case against both men and while they technically face the death penalty, if convicted, the future of the death penalty in California is unclear.Another court date has tentatively been set for January 16th, 2015.

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