Two of the Sexiest Scenes in Cinema History: Marilyn Monroe and Sharon Stone

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It wasn’t too long ago when we wrote about Sharon Stone’s sexy leg-crossing scene in the movie, Basic Instinct. Although not quite as sensuous, Marilyn Monroe comes close in her unedited subway grate scene where her dress is pushed up over her head openly displaying her chic panties. The depiction appears in the movie, “The Seven Year Itch”.

The famous shot occurred when Monroe was married to Joe Dimaggio, the equally famous New York Yankee “Clipper.” Apparently, Joe didn’t only clip baseballs, on more than one occasion, Marilyn presented at work sporting bruises purportedly inflicted by the slugger. Monroe divorced Dimaggio shortly after one of his domestic assaults against her.

There is something about beautiful women and visuals that transcend imagination—not completely—but just enough to ignite a person’s arousal. Naturally, most everything is sold by sex appeal these days, but few settings reach the pinnacle that Monroe and Stone achieved above. There is something so curious and sexy about these displays that are hard to describe: You know it when you feel it.

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