U.S. Senate Starts antitrust hearing on Google’s digital advertising strategies to acquire and maintain market power

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The United States Senate has already started antitrust hearing on Google’s digital advertising strategies to acquire and maintain market power in the recent “explosion of online content.”

The Senate Judiciary Committee has obtained assurances from Big Tech CEO’s and others that they will appear voluntarily before the Senate.

“We are not having this hearing because Google is successful,” said Sen. Amy Klobuchar (Dem. Minn.)  “We are having it because even successful companies, even popular companies, and even innovative companies are subject to the laws of this country, including our antitrust laws.”

“So much of what we enjoy and take for granted on the internet is made possible through digital ads, so it is essential to determine if that market has been monopolized and competition harmed. The repercussions would touch everyone who uses the internet,” Lee explained to The Federalist earlier on Tuesday.

The committee also raised questions about Google’s lack of transparency in advertisement bidding and stacking YouTube content engagement, growing and dominant market power, and data sharing.

Censorship Has Reached a New Level—not only in the digital ad market—but also in suppressing regular content being expressed by typical U.S. Citizens. Companies like Google, Twitter, and Facebook “deploying their power to influence our culture and politics.

Instead of being open platforms for expression, social media giants act like partisan publishers, limiting and even shutting down conversations on political topics. Sometimes, such as reporting on the allegedly corrupt dealings of the Biden family, they overreach and get caught, but many times their efforts succeed.

In this controlled market, high tech is not only suppressing content they do not subscribe to, but they are also using their massive powers to force entities and Ma & Pa operations to comply with their censorship or face negative reviews or be subject to almost extinction on the web.

“For instance, positive online reviews are essential to many small businesses, which gives tech companies enormous power over them. Thus, it is a big deal of online review sites. Yelp recently promised to amplify accusations of racism against businesses. Antifa activists promptly started planning campaigns against business owners who are not radical leftists, illustrating how abusive this new system will be.

Those whose businesses are harmed after being falsely accused might have a legal case for damages, but the process would be an ordeal, and the plaintiff might go out of business long before collecting.

 Suing Big Tech is hard, and it could be much easier to keep one’s head down and perhaps get a little social credit by instituting Yelp’s left-wing social justice training program. This manipulation is extortion: Nice shop you got here, shame if something were to happen to it because some crank told all your potential customers that you’re a


Twitter users who depend on getting their product on the market, for no justifiable reason other than posting a negative Tweet about Biden or other leftists, are having their accounts suspended, modified, or removed.

There may be some light in the tunnel with today’s confirmation to the U.S. Supreme Court of Amy Barret.t. Creative lawyers are fashioning lawsuits against Big Tech challenging their censorship and monopolistic policies. There will likely be some class action suits that entitle the little guy to participate without cost. Source: Federalist.  

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