The organization, “American Center for Law and Justice” (ACLJ), is steamed over the recent murders at the Chattanooga military base and are pressuring lawmakers to ensure that our troops are safe. The following appears to represent a typical call for action on the group’s part:

[“Terrorists once again murdered American soldiers on U.S. soil. ISIS and other jihadist armies are calling on Islamic radicals to target and kill American soldiers. One terrorist just struck in Chattanooga at a military recruiting station, killing four brave Marines and a Sailor in cold blood. The Fort Hood terrorist attack left 13 soldiers slaughtered. Yet for the most part, our soldiers are unarmed. They can’t protect themselves. Our brave men and women in uniform are jihadist targets right here at home. The enemy has brought the battle to America. Defense Department priorities must change. We’re sending urgent letters to the Defense Department and Congress demanding that our men and women in uniform be equipped to defend themselves. There is no excuse. They are the target. Their protection is paramount. Send a powerful message today: Protect our troops so they can defend themselves. Sign Our New Petition: Protect Our Troops from Jihadist Threats. Jay Sekulow, ACLJ Chief Counsel.”]

In the wake of the Tennessee murders, other states have mobilized to arm guardsmen. The Governor of Tennessee, Bill Haslam,  “looking into the security of National Guard armories, storefront recruiting facilities, and other installations”, and has directed the guardsmen chief to review the security practices. Indiana, Florida, Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana have already decided to arm guardsmen in their recruiting facilities.


Across the nation, so-called American Patriots are taking serious aim at what they perceive to be pejorative anti-American trends across the country. The targets of such criticisms include the President. In the picture below, it was suggested that President Obama was not conducting himself in a Presidential manner because he was not placing his hand over his heart. As it turns out, the picture was photo-shopped from another event the President had attended.



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