The buzz about the Trump kids is that they are so polite and polished in comparison to Donald. But it is easy to be happy and polite when your dad is a billionaire. The Trump kids have always had it made in the shade. Eric Trump likes to say that his father instilled good work ethics in all the siblings and implied that he and the others were required to work hard, and there have been no free lunches. He talks about how he was encouraged to ride on bulldozers at construction sites and feel the earth. Yeah, big deal– when you are worth billions and own construction companies, your children get to play amidst the workers. I remember my friend’s parents owned a resort on a lake near where I grew up– he was always driving a motorboat or jet ski and had a cool scooter–he mingled with the guests and acted like he was working. His dad would occasionally let him drive guests around the lake in a pontoon, but he would tell you it was more fun than work. 

Eric Trump annoys me sometimes. I feel like he has a nasal voice and comes off as a  “know-it-all”– too confident, or more definitively, a professional politician’s son.  His comments and demeanor, are too measured, perhaps, a little on the mountebank side at times. He reminds me of the banker’s kid who was in my class in high school; he always had the most beautiful clothes, the best bicycle, and money to spend at the local restaurant on pop, malts, french fries and the jukebox. He would have been beaten up a lot if he didn’t buy the biggest kid in our class pop, malts, french fries– you get the picture. He was shipped off to a private school and then to a prestigious college. I didn’t see or hear from him until the ten-year class reunion. He showed up in a Lincoln with a hot wife. The big kid never graduated and wasn’t at the reunion. His wife liked Harley Davidsons, and I gave her a ride—for five days. I haven’t seen either of them since. Money and his smooth lingo couldn’t buy him, long-term love, I think. 

Ivanka Trump is cut from a different cloth. It is clear that she is a “daddy’s girl”; she regularly appeared on the “The Apprentice” with her own line of shoes, jewelry, and handbags– thanks to Dad: Now she is second in command at the Trump enterprises. Maybe she is like an old-fashioned princess– she looks like one. But the thing about Ivanka is she is smart and talks good and doesn’t struggle to grasp issues and counteract criticism directed at her father. She was born with a silver spoon in her mouth too, but she wears it better than the others. She has natural beauty and talent and would have made it in the world without her dad’s help. I can’t envision the others making it “in the real world” without their father’s financial assistance.

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