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When Hillary Clinton meets with the FBI to discuss and answer questions about the alleged email scandal, undoubtedly she will be accompanied by her lawyers. One would think this is a no-brainer– when you are gathering with law enforcement personnel as a potential target in a criminal investigation: You speak with evaluated words, if at all, and those words are first filtered through the minds of experienced criminal and constitutional lawyers. That hasn’t always been the case though where public figures are involved. Take the matter of Martha Stewart. She spoke with agents of the FBI on her own and was charged with lying to the FBI and acquitted of the original charges. She should have had her lawyers do the talking.

Clinton will likely answer questions after first consulting with her attorneys on the spot. It is unclear to what degree her lawyers will know the questions in advance, but they will know generally. The issues and answers will probably mainly parallel many of those asked of Clinton by members of Congress months ago. Under this typical format of questioning and answering, major surprises or revelations are unlikely.


Washington– July 2, 2016– Hillary Clinton met with the FBI for over 3½ hours today regarding her email controversy. Following the meeting, Clinton told MSNBC late this afternoon “she was pleased to have the opportunity” to meet with the FBI to resolve this issue, a sentiment she has expressed since last August. When asked how the meeting went and whether she picked up on any vibes on whether there would be any further action taken, Clinton said she didn’t have knowledge about this and that such decisions “are entirely up to the department.”

Clinton reiterated her past statements that she “had never received or sent any material that was marked’ classified’” and that some messages had possibly been marked or “reclassified” after the fact. She kept with her previous decision not to identify the person.

When asked about her husband’s meeting with Attorney General Lynch in Phoenix this week, she said “I learned about it  on the news like everyone else” and added “it was purely social” with “common exchanges.” She noted that both, her husband and Lynch have said with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight, “they wouldn’t do it again.”

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