Two Severed Heads found 150 Miles Apart in Texas and Louisiana: The work of a Serial Killer?

We suspect more cases will be discovered.

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Sketches of victims

Police are working to determine whether severed heads found in Texas and Louisiana last month are linked.

The two victims, both women about the same age with reddish or auburn hair and good teeth, were found in similar surroundings about three weeks apart, investigators told the Houston Chronicle.

The heads were discovered near Lake Houston, Texas and the other near Calcasieu Lake in Louisiana. The two woman have yet to be identified. The discoveries were made three weeks apart – both in similar environments. Detectives noted that both women had good teeth and ruled out drug addiction. Both are white with reddish hair.

In the Lake Houston case, two clean-up volunteers found a severed head in a large black plastic bag on March 24. They were working along FM 1960 East in Huffman and discovered the human head on rocks in a portion of the lake patrolled by the Houston Police Department. The Lake Houston Marina, an open-access recreational vehicle park with residents and visitors alike, is adjacent to where the woman’s head was recovered.

Cameron Parish Sheriff’s Office investigator Jake McCain and HPD homicide investigator Michael Perez have acknowledged the similarities in the cases and victims and agreed to keep each other updated on their respective findings according to chron,com.“The officers are looking for a man in his early to mid-20s who was seen about 2:30 to 3 p.m. throwing a black plastic bag off the bridge near where the head was found, two weeks prior to the discovery.

The man, described as having short dark brown hair with long bangs, was seen getting out of the front passenger side of teal or a bluish green Chevrolet Silverado extended cab truck,” the paper reports.


There are other missing women in the areas where both of the severed heads were found. Both were discovered in plastic bags. Both were found in similar settings near a roadway and situated similarly. The typologies between the two women are nearly identical.  To us, this appears to be the work of a serial killer, and we expect more similar gruesome discoveries.

UPDATE:  July 2, 2018

A facial reconstruction from a women’s head was released by the Cameron Parish Coroner’s Office from Cameron, La and posted their findings on  Facebook.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that “LSU’s lab determined the woman’s remains found in Louisiana are thought to be between 30 and 50 years old, white or Hispanic and with medium-length brown hair. Her time of death is estimated to be one to six weeks prior to the recovery of her head on March 1.”


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