Van Jones, During his Praise of Biden, Skips Over Biden’s Discriminatory Crime Bill

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Van Jones, 52, had a touching, emotional moment during CNN‘s live coverage of the presidential election on the morning of Nov. 7, when he openly wept on-air after Democratic nominee Joe Biden, 77, was named the next President of the United States. Biden was finally declared the country’s 46th president, defeating President Donald Trump, 74, after it took over three days of counting votes to confirm the win, and Van called the victory day a “good” one that made it “easier to be a dad,” Hollywood Life reports.

If Biden’s victory now makes it “easier to be a dad,” try asking the thousands of Black Americans if Biden made it easier for them to be dads when he joyfully helped pass the 1994 Crime Bill that paved the way to the mass incarceration of young Black males.

Jones skips over these minor details either because he is ignorant of that law or doesn’t care. Either way, his new position is disingenuous and a slam against the many who toiled in prisons owing to their addiction and seemingly racist laws that Biden stood for.

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