Alfredo Prieto (49) was executed by lethal injection, with a three-drug-combination, today at 9:17 p.m. in Virginia. Texas authorities gave Virginia some pentobarbital when it was discovered the state did not have any. Prieto’s last words were “Get this over with”. He was sentenced to death in 2010 for the two- decade-old murders of Rachael Raver and her boyfriend, Warren Fulton III, both were 22. He was tied to the murders by DNA evidence. Prieto had been extradited from California to Virginia to face the murder charges while he was on death row in California for raping and murdering a 15-year-old girl; penal authorities seemed to agree that Virginia would be more likely to carry out the death penalty. Police believe that Prieto committed at least six other killings in Virginia and California; however, he was not prosecuted for these crimes because he was already on death row.

Prieto’s defense team sought to establish that he was mentally delayed and therefore disqualified from being put to death, but the courts rejected this argument. The now familiar cruel and unusual challenge over the drug combinations was similarly denied by the appellate courts.

Prieto’s crimes were particularly cruel and cowardly; he was not opposed to shooting his victims in the back, and at times raping them as they lay dying according to reports.

Anti-death penalty activist, Sister Helen Prejean, Tweeted, “I’m outraged by violent crime and murder and outraged by the violence meted out by the state via the death penalty”. Stephanie Jette, a friend of Prieto’s victim, Yvette Woodruff, Tweeted, “Prieto raped and executed my 15-year-old friend while she was still crying for help”.

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