The Vote Recounts in Michigan, and Possibly, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania are Acts of Desperation by the Losing Candidates

An effort to recount the vote totals in Michigan, and soon Wisconsin and Pennsylvania led by Jill Stein, the former Green Party candidate, is underway. Recently, the Clinton campaign has joined the recount effort even though both teams have no evidence to support their contentions of voter fraud. Indeed, Clinton conceded the contest to Donald Trump soon after the last polls closed and their members independently concluded there was no evidence to support fraud or computer hacking. 

The Obama administration issued a statement that concluded that the election had been free of interference. The Stein effort was fueled in part by Clinton’s claims that the Russians were somehow involved in cyberspace hacking– a notion that also has no legs.

President-elect Donald Trump called the wasteful movements “ridiculous” and a scam. Trump won the election in Michigan by around10,704 votes, Wisconsin by 22,000 and Pennsylvania by over 70,000 votes.


There is no evidence to support the claim that any of these elections were fraudulently impacted. The Clinton team knows this, yet they are willing to join in these bogus shenanigans. The people have spoken, fairly and squarely. The ridiculous efforts by Stein are self-serving, those by Clinton, acts of desperation.

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