Voter Fraud Alleged in the Heart of a Democrat Stronghold– Minneapolis

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President Trump came close to winning in the state of Minnesota in 2016. Trump narrowly lost because of the heavy left vote in Minneapolis. A report not confirmed by us sets forth some serious allegations of voter fraud in this heart of a Democrat stronghold.

“A ballot-harvesting racket in Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar’s Minneapolis district — where paid workers illegally gather absentee ballots from elderly Somali immigrants — appears to have been busted by undercover news organization Project Veritas reports.”

See the story and VIDEO here.

“One alleged ballot harvester, Liban Mohamed, the brother of Minneapolis City Council member Jamal Osman, is shown in a bombshell Snapchat video rifling through piles of ballots strewn across his dashboard.”

“Just today we got 300 for Jamal Osman,” says Mohamed, aka KingLiban, in the video. “I have 300 ballots in my car right now . . .

“Numbers don’t lie. You can see my car is full. All these here are absentee ballots. Look, all these are for Jamal Osman,” he says, displaying the white envelopes,” the article reports.

The DFL and Omar’s office shot back, calling Project Veritas “a right-wing disinformation outlet” and compared them to President Donald Trump’s tax returns.

“The amount of truth to this story is equal to the amount Donald Trump paid in taxes in ten out of the last fifteen years: zero,” said Jeremy Slevin, senior advisor to Omar. “Amplifying a coordinated right-wing campaign to delegitimize a free and fair election this fall undermines our democracy,” the TwinCities.Com reported.

The matter is supposedly under investigation by the Minneapolis Police. If the accusations are true, federal law likely will apply. Minneapolis is in Hennepin County, where the county attorney is a Democrat. The Minnesota Attorney General is also a Democrat.

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