Warnock and Ossoff hold a slight lead in the Georgia run-off signaling the chance of a full-scale socialist agenda

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Record spending, divisiveness, and the black vote, mainly concentrated in Atlanta and other major Georgia cities, have given Warnock and Ossoff a slight lead in the Georgia run-off campaign for the US Senate. If the lead persists, the Democrats will control the Whitehouse, Senate, and Congress leaving way for a full-scaled socialist agenda.

Perhaps, John Locke’s theory that identity, the self, and the impact of sensory experience would be essential revelations to future thinkers was prescient.

Or maybe, Karl Marx’s prediction that a philosophical revolution would continue in the present day in myriad forms of communism, socialism, socialized democracy, and grassroots political organization, was correct.

The revolution happened in Georgia and appeared to be growing across the nation; many of us undervalued the zeal and organization put into this election; in some ways, the voter turnout pattern mirrored the 2020 Presidential election.

Although time will tell, it seems that the good old USA is experiencing a face change. However, Immanuel Kant’s idea that humanity can achieve perpetual peace through universal democracy and international cooperation is presently an illusion in millions of Americans’ minds.

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