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Billionaire Warren Buffett attacked Donald J. Trump on Monday for misleading voters about his success as a businessman although he presented no proof to support these bombastic accusations. Instead, Buffett, a professed Democrat, and supporter of President Obama resembled a pliant dog performing tricks for the Clinton team as he took unfounded jabs at Trump.  

  Although a wealthy man, Buffett has some strange quirks. He is an admitted agnostic and subscribes to the belief that money makers can’t afford to take leaps of faith (as most religious loyalists believe you must do as part of your love for God) because such speculation is too risky and could lead to the loss of cash. 

But the mogul’s apparent endorsement of Clinton is to be taken with a grain of salt. He is an older and lonely rich man who is clasping for national attention (Money can’t buy you “love,” but people will give you “time and attention” if you pay them). 

His chumminess with Obama has apparently paid off: The President recently introduced legislation named after him called the “Buffett Rule.” This bill sought to raise taxes on the rich and came to be after Buffett pointed out that he paid only 19% of his income in taxes. What is interesting about this is that Buffet never explained why he took full advantage of these smaller payments.

Buffet took umbrage over Donald Trump’s attack on a speaker who at the Democrat convention attacked Trump, (the speaker lost a son in the Iraq war), but he was not so kind to John McCain. He once said about Senator McCain, a war hero, “Unless he has a, I wouldn’t say a sex change, but a lobotomy or something, I don’t think McCain is going to change his views to be in accord with mine


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