We Don’t Get the Angst of the Protesters at Ben Shapiro’s Speech at the University of California, Berkeley


Michael Baron writes in the Townhall that Ben Shapiro, a recent speaker at UC Berkeley, ‘is an Orthodox Jewish, lawyer, journalist, radio host, and New York Times bestselling author.” Baron adds that  “and to my knowledge, he has never uttered a racist, white-supremacist syllable in his life.”

Shapiro’s speech at the University was met with numerous protestors, some of whom were arrested for alleged weapons charges.

Fox News reports that the Berkeley Police released the “mugshots and identification of five of the nine people arrested Thursday night protesting at the University of California, Berkeley.”

Shapiro writes in his blog, the “Daily Wire” that “The students were engaged; the police were finally allowed to do their jobs. Antifa stayed away.”

UC Berkeley spokesman Dan Mogulof said security measures for the event might have cost $600,000. Mogulof called the speech “a successful event” and said the university was interested in hosting speakers similar to Shapiro, a former Breitbart.com editor, in the future.

sfgate.com said the “extraordinary security required attendees to pass through metal detectors and police barricades that held back hundreds of protesters.”  “It’s an incredible amount of money,” campus spokesman Dan Mogulof said Friday, a day after the Shapiro event.” And while we don’t regret that we spent it given the event was held peacefully, we certainly would have rather spent it on other purposes.”


We are puzzled over the goal of the protestors at this event. Although Shapiro’s conservative views are often consistent with policies we have rejected, he has not aligned himself with hate groups or espoused evil agendas. He doesn’t even seem to like President Trump. We don’t get the angst.

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