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An important issue resonating with voters across the nation is campaign financing. Sanders has taken a firm stance on what he calls the “corrupt” system that is primarily being operated (from behind the scenes, in many instances) by billionaires and their clandestine PAC’s. There can be little doubt about the accuracy of Sander’s assessment. Billionaires are directing more than a billion dollars annually into the greedy hands of countless PACs and organizations (with disguised names and hidden agendas) for the purpose of getting voters to support candidates who will vote for legislation that favors the cash bottom line of companies the billionaires own or control. Once these candidates have been given financial and other support from these organizations, the candidates are beholden to the billionaires. Hillary Clinton has depended on the backing of the billionaire class during her campaigns (now and in the past) and appears to be a member of this caste herself.

Sanders has called for major reform in the criminal justice process. He notes that too many people have been jailed for too long for having committed nonviolent crimes. Clinton has been backpedaling on this issues since she supported Bill Clinton’s decision to support mandatory sentences for relatively minor crimes. Her earlier position is telling and smacks of a position change only because the issue is now popular.

On the question of integrity and honesty, Clinton falls way short of Sanders. She did not tell the truth on too many issues to count, but it is worth mentioning the bulk of her lies concerning Benghazi and the Email scandal. Also, her connection to the Clinton Foundation, an organization that appears to solicit money in return for political access, also weakens her credibility and veracity. We think Sanders is right about some things.

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