Trump backers say that one of the positive attributes of a Trump presidency is his position on immigration– he wants to build a wall along the Mexican border and keep Muslims from entering the country without significant examination. His backers, and there are many, agree with these policies, and they are not only angry undereducated white people. A silent majority of Americans are fed up with the last few decades of political correctness– they yearn for a return to policies that reward loyalty, ancestral longevity and traditional patriotism. Loyalty to employers, community and family, a generation or more of citizenship, and unadulterated support of American values are beliefs at the core of many Trump supporters. Such ideas are predicated on fundamental beliefs handed down by parents and grandparents. The melting pot society of the 19th century was in line with the country’s goal to increase population. The  concept  has since run the course. Many Americans feel that we need to focus on strengthening the rights, privileges and assets of those citizens who are lawfully in the country. We do not need more immigrants who are unwilling to assimilate– we owe them nothing but an honest opportunity to merge legitimately and productively into the country. We certainly have the right to insist on their lawful entry and then take meaningful action to enforce these policies. Trump grasps this idea.

Trump’s other major positive attribute is his apparent business acumen that likely could be parlayed into improvements to the economy. He is right when he says that the United States is not negotiating the best deals in world trade matters. Our national debt has created a presumption on the part of our present leaders that we must create deals that are not sharply in our favor. We often seem to be operating from a position of weakness. Trump would be a welcome leader at the bargaining table in such matters. At least, he has far more experience in business matters than any of the other contenders.

Donald Trump talks a hard game, often using abrasive and unfortunate language. He also has a history of compromising in his business dealings, where he can benefit from doing so. He does not appear to carry the baggage that many politicians do, in part, because he is self-financing his campaign. He can be convinced to change his positions to make a good deal. Too often, politicians are beholden to special interest groups who have supplied them with millions of dollars.

We are dismayed by many of Trump’s rude and scraping comments over the past few months. However, he seems to have moderated his tone on some of these matters. We do not support his views on many topics such as the death penalty and torture. We are more than apprehensive about his potential judicial appointments. But similar to his proven ability to make concessions in the business arena, we have a strong feeling that he may use similar discretions in the judicial selection process. We hope so.

Because we feel that the other candidates are running on themes and ideas that are of the “more of the same old” variety, and that some are way too conservative or inexperienced (Cruz and Rubio), we endorse Donald Trump for the Republican nomination.

A few words about some of the other candidates. John Kasich does not present as a candidate who is capable of sparking the nation into meaningful change in our economy. He does not articulate a clear and useful military policy designed to protect the country. He mostly softly talks about his accomplishments in Ohio. Ben Carson is too gentle and soft in tone in his approach to governing the country (he would make a good Vice President). Jeb Bush is weak on many fronts. He is not a good communicator and would likely suffer in a general election because of this. Chris Christie often speaks about his background as a federal prosecutor and his accomplishments as Governor of New Jersey. But his character and actual accomplishments in these roles have been seriously questioned. Cruz has demonstrated a willingness to compromise the due process rights of American citizens. The zeal in which he supports the death penalty and overly close alliance with evangelists is disturbing to us. Rubio is bright and charming, but he lacks experience at a time when the country needs a seasoned leader. It really is not his turn.

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