We support a special counsel’s appointment to investigate Hunter Biden’s case

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Joe Biden has demonstrated his bias in the Hunter Biden investigation. He has said the whole probe into his son’s dubious affairs are “foul play:” Biden is imputing blame on Trump and others in the House and Senate for Hunter’s alleged misdeeds.

“Federalist Senior Editor Mollie Hemingway said Friday that President-elect Joe Biden’s arduous defenses of his son, Hunter Biden, were actually making a case for President Donald Trump to appoint a special counsel before leaving office next month.

‘The guidance for when to start a special counsel is when there’s a conflict of interest,’ Hemingway explained. ‘Joe Biden has already said he thinks this is a fraudulent investigation. He says he loves his son and does not believe he is capable of doing anything wrong. There is already enough problem here posed by what Joe Biden has been saying to make it questionable about whether he will allow this Justice Department investigation to continue unabated,’” the federalist.com  reports.

As the article explains, there is ample evidence to support a special counsel’s appointment—far more than the Democrats used to impeach the President. There are the laptop and an eye witness, among other incriminating information.

Although we cringe when the subject of a special counsel comes up—considering the abuse of prosecutors in the Bill Clinton and Trump cases, the Biden case is distinctly different; if a special counsel is not appointed before Joe Biden becomes President, the matters would likely be swept under the rug.

Accordingly, we support a special counsel’s appointment to investigate Hunter’s case and follow any leads that might surface concerning Joe Biden’s knowledge of his son’s foreign deals or possible involvement in the matters.  

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