What Some Minneapolis Legally Trained Residents are Saying About the George Floyd Murder at the Hands of Police Officer Derek Chauvin

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Fired Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin has been charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter in connection with the death of George Floyd. A stunning video depicts Chauvin using the full weight of his knee and body on Floyd’s neck. Floyd was pronounced dead at the hospital minutes after he was transported from the scene. Here is a small sample of what legally trained Minneapolis residents are saying on social media.

“What I can’t get over is the total indifference of the cop to the cries for breath. His hands are in his pockets. He has no ability to use his hands to balance himself against the car if his weight shifts. The neck is going to bear any weight transfer necessary for balance. He does not even seem defiant. He stares at the camera with dead eyes. Almost yawning. He knows he is being recorded. He has not a care in the world while some guy who should have been given a summons, begs to breathe. He is supremely confident that no superior will do a thing to him.”

“A prosecution is not sufficient. This is an institution, not a person. The Mayor and Chief should be fired and imprisoned. Mike Freeman should live out his days in a VD clinic surrounded by his own vicious legacy.”

“It was so abhorrent I could not sleep after I watched that video. It was like the cop enjoyed being filmed. I don’t even know what to say to my nephew about this right now.”

“The nonchalance, yes, and it seemed his act was interminable, but there was a brief spark- when someone approached and he jerked to life, grab his mace and was like a wild animal protecting his kill from encroachment.”

“It is terribly dispiriting that looters—that is, simple cowardly thieves disguised in virus masks—can so callously exploit a tragic event, turn genuine mourning into the abhorrence of a dumpster fire, and undermine whatever small good may have come from a responsible protest of a widely acknowledged tragedy.”

“These ghetto, thug Criminals of EVERY & ALL color’s from everywhere destroying all these businesses, putting people out of work in already painful times makes me sick, sad and scared for my family and friends!! You idiot’s are demolishing your/our community, businesses & neighborhoods!! Did you ever think where your dumb ass is going to go get gas or buy groceries for your kids or where that single parent that works at one of those businesses is going to get their next paycheck? Fkn animals!! What a disgrace to Minnesota or where ever the hell you are coming from to destroy our cities, our communities our state!
I would definitely be in my home ready to use my Second Amendment right if need be to protect me and mine! Please keep my family, my sister, niece, nephew, and friends in your prayers, Stay safe Minnesota.
FYI not in the mood to argue or discuss politics or If you agree or disagree with me. If you don’t like my thoughts, feelings, or posts, delete me.
I’m over it! “


The Floyd case resurrects the Hennepin County case where Mohamed Noor, a former Minneapolis Police Officer, was charged with the shooting and killing of Justine Ruszezyk in 2017. Noor was ultimately convicted and sentenced for second-degree murder to 12 and ½ years in prison.

Of course, most criminal cases contain different facts, judges, prosecutors, and defense lawyers. However, Ruszezyk was White, Floyd was black. The defendant in the Noor case was Mong and the defendant in the Floyd case is White. That does not necessarily mean that the defendants will be treated differently. However, these realities are present.

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