When it Comes to Highly Educated Women, Biden/Harris are Misogynists.

“The biggest threat to women and feminism today is not whatever feminists on the left would like to imagine about President Trump’s Supreme Court appointee Amy Coney Barrett, but what was implied in Kamala Harris’s and Joe Biden’s performances in their debates,” and comments made by far-left Senators like Amy Klobuchar ( Dem. Minn.). The Federalist reports.

“Amy Coney Barrett is vilified for her religious beliefs and judicial philosophy, particularly in anticipation she may overrule Roe v. Wade, which her detractors inaccurately believe (the powers would revert to the states) would criminalize abortion in the United States. Most leftist sources paint her as anti-feminist, and a self-hating submissive woman.” Of course, that is a known lie.

Klobuchar doesn’t care about Barrett’s impeccable credentials and incredible achievements in the legal world. She doesn’t care that a woman is being nominated to the Supreme Court. At the confirmation hearing, she said, “Yes, Judge, I think this hearing is a sham.” She cares only about abortion and her potential bosses’ goals—the socialist/communist leaning Biden and Harris. Her alleged support for women is a sham.

Biden. Harris and Klobuchar are not true backers of educated woman’s rights- only some educated women provided they align with their ultra-liberal platforms. They are misogynists at least half the time.

“While abortion is the cornerstone of contemporary feminist orthodoxy, the underlying assumption of the women’s movement lies elsewhere. Mary Wollstonecraft laid the foundation of feminism in her French Revolution-era tract, “A Vindication of The Rights of Woman.” In it, she extended the ideas of the Enlightenment to the female sex, proposing that women have the same faculty for a reason as men, and deserve to be treated as equal.” See Federalist.

Harris and Biden choose to create fear in the minds of voters—particularly elderly citizens. The endlessly invoke COVID claiming that Trump messed the government’s response up—nothing could be further from the truth. Trump’s team has done an excellent job. Biden, if he were President, would not have even banned travel to and from China.

“The former vice president claimed there are empty chairs at breakfast tables worldwide because so many people have passed away, adding that “suburbs are dying from COVID.” Another lie.

“Biden’s hyperbolic rhetoric rests on the assumption that women are hysterical and easily emotionally manipulated. It’s wrong, and it’s bad leadership. Fear-mongering produces panic, and panic breads irrationality. Successful societies have values that are the opposite of that; they are based on reason,” the Federalist reports.

“That’s why real leadership is reassuring. What the country needs right now is a president who sticks to the facts, doesn’t seed panic, and doesn’t make political theater out of mask-wearing. I don’t like Trump’s braggadocio about overcoming the illness either, but I’d take it any time over his challengers’ panic porn mill.”

“Women need to understand that a man who treats them like a berserker cows doesn’t have their back. It is no wonder why French women rejected America’s puritanical misguided view on how women should behave.” See Federalist.

We couldn’t agree more.  

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